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Schools & Learning Institutions  


We take a comprehensive approach to assessing both physical and emotional risks within school environments, addressing the well-being of staff and students alike.

Our services extend to aiding schools and educational institutions in establishing and overseeing robust environmental, health, hygiene, safety, and quality management systems.

Furthermore, we are committed to supporting student learning and growth from early childhood through young adulthood. We achieve this through tailored management systems, targeted training, and specialized interventions designed to nurture development at every stage.

We provide superior solutions specially tailored for Schools & Learning Institutions:

We provide Schools and Learning Institutions focused solutions across various domains including Management & Governance, Environmental and CSR, Health & Hygiene, Safety & Quality, Food Safety, Skills Training and ISO Certification Training.

Focused training and interventions include:

  • Specialist services and interventions:

    • Occupational Therapy​

    • Speach Therapy

    • Trauma counselling

  • Training for staff and learners:​

    • Risk Assessment and Risk Management.

    • Emergency preparedness and evacuation.

    • Body safety.

    • Fire and Electrical safety.

    • Hazardous substances and handling.

    • Home and outdoor safety.

    • First Aid including CPR.

    • Substance abuse (Alcohol, drugs and medicine).

    • Bullying, friends, relatives, the people we know and strangers.

    • Internet safety.

    • Self-Harm and Suicide Prevention.

    • Child maltreatment​ prevention and management.


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