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PECB ISO Training

PECB is a certification body that provides education, certification, and certificate programs for individuals in a wide range of disciplines.

Through their presence in more than 150 countries, they help professionals demonstrate their competence in various areas of expertise by providing valuable evaluation, certification, and certificate programs against internationally recognized standards.

As a partner of PECB, we facilitate ISO and other training courses and examinations for our students.

PECB training courses have proven to help professionals succeed in their respective fields and stand out with worldwide recognition. They are based on the most updated practices and cover all ISO standards requirements. We deliver training in 3 formats: Live Online, eLearning and Self-study.

The list below details the courses we provide. Click on a course to learn more.

We are committed to providing least-cost training options. In deserving cases we may approve structured payment plans. Contact us to discuss course options and pricing.

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