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& CSR Services

Environmental Services MEHSCO

Our Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility Services (CSR) are designed to provide you with the sustainability, compliance, and risk management solutions you need to reduce your environmental impact and ensure your business is operating within the regulatory framework. Our risk assessment process is comprehensive and tailored to identify potential risks and uncover opportunities to minimize environmental impacts and maximize positive social responsibility impacts.

We provide a full suite of Environmental & CSR services

  • Authorizations, Permits and Licenses

    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

    • Water Use License Applications

    • Environmental Management Programs (EMPR)

    • Waste Permits

    • Mining Rights, Licenses and Permits

    • Full Stakeholder Engagement (Public Participation)

  • Environmental Compliance Audits and Monitoring

    • Environmental Audits

    • Environmental Due Diligence Investigations

    • Environmental Exposure Assessments

    • Environmental monitoring programs

  • Environmental Resources Management

    • Waste Management

    • Water Management (Monitoring & Quality Control)

  • Environmental Rehabilitation

    • Rehabilitation and Remediation Plan

    • Rehabilitation of contaminated Sites

    • Emergency Response Support

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    • Full Stakeholder Engagement (Public Participation)

    • Environmental responsibility

    • Ethical responsibility

    • Philanthropic responsibility

    • Economic responsibility

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