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Occupational Health
& Hygiene

Blood pressure test. Occupational Health Services MEHSCO

We help organisations maintain a safe and healthy work environment for their employees through regulatory compliance training and personalised Occupational Health & Hygiene monitoring programs. With our help, your business can maintain a productive workforce while ensuring their health and well-being.

We are experienced professionals in Health & Hygiene

  • Occupational Hygiene Management.

    • Exposure Risk Assessment.

    • Exposure Baseline.

    • Exposure Control.

    • Management of Injury/Illness-On-Duty Reporting Records.

    • PPE/C Assessment and Selection.

  • Occupational Health Management.

    • Medical Assessments Program Evaluation.

    • Management of Injury/Illness-On-Duty.

    • Management of Injury/Illness-On-Duty Medical Records.

    • Management of infectious diseases.

  • Compliance, Audits and Monitoring.

    • Compliance with Health & Hygiene regulations and requirements.

    • Health & Hygiene Audits.

    • Program evaluation and monitoring.

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