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First aid training MEHSCO

Ensure the safety of your workplace with our customised Safety & Occupational Health Training. We provide industry-specific courses that are taught by professional trainers. Our commitment to your safety is absolute, and we take pride in offering the best training possible.

Elevate Your Skills with MEHSCO - This is not a comprehensive list. Talk to us about your needs

  • Risk assessment & Risk management.

    • Identify hazards (Assess the risk, Control the risk, Record your findings, Review the controls.

  • Fire safety.

    • Fire prevention, potential fire hazard identification, proper fire extinguisher use, evacuation procedures, fire drills.

  • Electrical safety.

    • Electrical safety practices, including recognizing electrical hazards, reading electrical diagrams, and understanding special requirements for working in high-voltage areas, proper use of PPE, such as insulating gloves, face and eye protection, and high-voltage-rated tools.

  • Hazardous materials.

    • Proper handling and storage techniques, hazardous substance identification, understanding material safety data sheets (SDS), and emergency response procedures, proper use of PPE specific to hazardous materials.

  • Food Safety Systems

  • Working at heights

  • Confined spaces and entry

  • Permit to work.

  • Maintenance Safety

    • Welding, Hand Tools, electricity, spills & leaks.

  • Operational Safety

    • Spills & leaks, breakdown or improper assembly of component.

  • Incident investigation / Accident investigation.

  • Defensive driving.

  • Snake awareness and handling.

    • Snake ID & Snake bite treatment course, Venomous Snake handling course, advanced snake handling such as Black Mamba.

  • Insect and arachnid bites and stings.

    • Mosquitos, bees, wasps, scorpions, hornets and spiders.

  • Occupational health and hygiene training

  • First aid training

    • Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

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